Eurocode Flooring is an Attitude, Healthy boat decking boards
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Eurocode Flooring is an Attitude, Healthy boat decking boards

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Oudian flooring is popular with the public because of its natural wood texture, simplicity and style. Oudian solid wood composite floor has the comfortable foot feeling of solid wood floor, both the natural visual effect of solid wood, and the characteristics of anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, which overcomes the instability and easy deformation of solid wood floor. Mainstream trend.

physical dimension
The Oudian floor pursues the concept of natural environmental protection. The clear texture can see the annual rings of the wood, and the deliberate carvings have faded to reveal the natural charm of the Oudian floor, quietly telling the traces of the years.
The mottled surface color design reflects the artistic conception of simplicity, liveliness and art. The Oudian floor not only makes the space more open and bright, but also makes the environment more peaceful and comfortable, presenting a natural and original ecological picture that has been infiltrated by time and nature. This is the beautiful life attitude pursued by Oudian Flooring.

Stain and wear resistant
As an excellent laminate floor, stain resistance and wear resistance is a must. Only a floor with guaranteed quality can leave no traces of damage in daily use.
Whether it is the friction of the wire brush or the painting of the water-based pen, the Oudian floor laminate floor is still in good condition, which is the product of the product and the life will not be finished.

Moisture and heat resistant
Oudian floor laminate is a leader in the board, with strong elasticity, strong air permeability and durability.
Whether it is water resistance or heat resistance test, Oudian flooring is the leader in the industry. In the case of high moisture content, it will not easily crack when encountering external force collision, and it is not easy to appear bulge in the case of northern geothermal heat. deformed condition.