How to choose boat decking for your yacht
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How to choose boat decking for your yacht

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On luxurious yachts, people often marvel at the gorgeous golden yacht wooden decking and wonder what magical wood the wooden decking of this beautiful and unique yacht is made of. Because the wooden decks of yachts made from this type of wood must endure year-long exposure, the scouring of salty seawater and the merciless storm of the sea.
This stunning quality timber is teak, and usually teak is the only choice for making a boat wooden deck or a yacht wooden deck.
Teak, also known as the king of wood, is a valuable, high-quality timber.
Teak growing in the world, but the best quality teak are from Southeast Asian countries. Teak produced in Myanmar (Myanmar teak or Burmese grapefruit) is the best quality. Teak needs at least 50 years to grow from sapling trees. Due to its slow growth, teak wood is more dense and harder than most broad-leaved species, such as birch and walnut.
Teak wood is rich in iron, teak contains a unique teak oil, making teak wood extremely stable, pest control moth, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance and strong.
All of these teak characteristics make it the perfect choice for wooden decks for yachts or boats. In the sunshine, teak color will become more and more golden, beautiful.


The synthetic teak is an upgraded version of solid wood teak flooring. At the same time with solid wood teak flooring color and texture, more durable than solid wood soil, longer life, etc., but lower than the solid wood prices.