Reasons for syteak boat decking and yacht teak decking
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Reasons for syteak boat decking and yacht teak decking

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On luxury yachts, people are often amazed at the gorgeous golden yacht wooden deck, and also amazed at what kind of magical wood this beautiful and unique yacht wooden deck is made of. Because it is made of this wood. The wooden decks of yachts have to endure years of exposure to the sun, the scouring of salty waters and the relentless storms of the sea. Reasons to choose teak for yacht wood deck or boat wood deck:

1The teak deck can make the yacht have the function of thermal insulation

In modern industrial society, boats or ships are usually made of metal materials. In the past, air conditioners were not as common as they are now. Metal materials can get very hot when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, when ordinary metal materials are used as yacht decks, most of the heat energy in sunlight will be absorbed. This situation has a very bad influence on the comfort environment of luxury yachts. Compared with metal materials, teak floors on yachts have a good thermal insulation ability. Even in the scorching sun, syteak boat decking yachts can still enjoy a very comfortable and cool environment.

2 Teak yacht deck will not rust

As we know, the marine environment is very harsh. Vessels and yachts at sea may need to sail for days and nights in storms. The salty alkalinity of seawater is very corrosive to iron. Further, the test of severe cold and heat will also accelerate the rusting of the metal parts of the yacht. The superposition of all these factors will definitely shorten the life of the metal material of the yacht. On the other hand, teak has high stability, sufficient iron and oil, which can protect yachts or boats from high temperature, humidity and even alkaline environments. in the sea. Therefore, teak can prolong the life of the yacht in the face of such harsh marine environment.

3syteak boat decking non-slip

Teak wood is rich in silicon. Silicon, as we know it, is rough. The silicon element in teak makes the very rough surface of teak boat deck smooth and has strong friction. When people walk on this wet, sea-soaked teak deck, the teak deck will not feel slippery. However, when people walk on walnut floors and wet oak floors, there is a risk of slipping. In this case, the yacht deck or the wooden deck of the boat is made of teak material, and the situation of slipping will not occur. Therefore, based on the above, we know that the beautiful wood grain and color of teak is not the only reason why ship manufacturers choose teak as the deck floor of yachts or boats. In addition, there are many other timber composite yacht decks or boat decks in the world. But shipbuilders must consider the stability, durability, and corrosion resistance of the wooden deck of a ship or yacht.