What can be customized for Syteak decking sheet?
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What can be customized for Syteak decking sheet?

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Nowadays, whole house customization has become a new choice for many people's home decoration, but many people do not know the difference between Syteak decking sheet customization and traditional decoration, and think that whole house customization is customized furniture and decorations. In fact, the whole house customization of teak mainly includes size, shape, color, functional details and so on. It is also the whole house customization that is done in every aspect, so it will become more and more popular.

1. Size customization

Before the whole house is customized, it is necessary to measure the size of the house. The biggest feature of the whole house customization is to adapt to local conditions. Affected by the room distribution of the house area, etc., it is a bit difficult for us to find product furniture that is completely suitable for the size. At this time, the advantages of whole house customization are obvious. It perfectly fits the size of the whole house, so that the furniture and the house are coordinated and compatible. .

2. Style customization

Nowadays, people's preferences are different, and the styles of home furnishing are also varied, such as European style, Chinese style, pastoral style, industrial style, fashionable and simple style, etc. However, the traditional decoration cannot achieve complete uniformity in style. Through the customization of the whole house, the style and shape can be fully controlled, and the final selection can be made from the design drawing stage to prevent the decoration style and furniture style from being incompatible, and truly do a good job in the whole house. Uniform style.

3. Color customization

For the whole house customization of teak, the unity of color can better achieve the unity of style. Elements such as walls and background walls, including cabinet doors, plates, etc., all shine with the unique golden color of teak, which is gorgeous and extraordinary. Decorative collocation, whether it is solid color or detailed color embellishment, can bring a different feeling to life.

4. Detail customization

Doing the whole house custom design can often make perfect use of the dead corners of the house, which is unmatched by traditional decoration. For many householders with unique house styles, instead, it can maximize the use of space. For example, the corners of cabinet doors, switch distribution, storage in hidden compartments, etc., the little things in life are often reflected in the details.