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  • [Industry News] Is formaldehyde of compound wood floor serious?

    Is formaldehyde of compound wood floor serious?Composite wood flooring is ubiquitous in our lives, so its safety has become a priority. According to the test, the composite wood floor contains formaldehyde, but how much formaldehyde does the composite wood floor contain? Will it endanger our hea

  • [Industry News] The following points should be noted when installing boat decking flooring:

    1. Due to the fact that the boat decking flooring is flexible after being damp, when installing the boat decking flooring, there should be a gap of 8-12mm between the Boat Floor block and the wall, pipe, beam, column or other rigid surface.2. If you use a hand saw to saw the boat decking floorin

  • [Industry News] Melors Light Teak + Black Color EVA Foam Marine boat decking flooring

    The EVA foam material we use is high density foam material, which makes the product durable enough to last for 5-7 years under normal conditions. We do not recommend wearing it under high heels or anything like that.ANTI-SLIP SURFACE: Brushed surface texture provides enough traction for people wh

  • [Industry News] Reasons for syteak boat decking and yacht teak decking

    On luxury yachts, people are often amazed at the gorgeous golden yacht wooden deck, and also amazed at what kind of magical wood this beautiful and unique yacht wooden deck is made of. Because it is made of this wood. The wooden decks of yachts have to endure years of exposure to the sun, the scouri

  • [Industry News] Romotow - The futuristic motorhome swivels 90 degrees and offers 70% more living space!-synthetic teak deck

    Campers and station wagons have always been the basic necessities of satisfying life on the road and under the elements. However, New Zealand-based design and architecture firm W2 has decided to help users expand the experience! Their revolutionary trailer design "Romotow" includes all the usual RV

  • [Industry News] What can be customized for Syteak decking sheet?

    Nowadays, whole house customization has become a new choice for many people's home decoration, but many people do not know the difference between Syteak decking sheet customization and traditional decoration, and think that whole house customization is customized furniture and decorations. In fact,

  • [Industry News] Eurocode Flooring is an Attitude, Healthy boat decking boards

    Oudian flooring is popular with the public because of its natural wood texture, simplicity and style. Oudian solid wood composite floor has the comfortable foot feeling of solid wood floor, both the natural visual effect of solid wood, and the characteristics of anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, wh

  • Bonding Type Install your pvc boat decking easier

    For installation of synthetic teak pvc boat decking, the normal way is welding type, not only need many machines, but also the working technology is not easy for most of the boat owners. What's more, welding type will waste more materials or scald our pvc decking if not professional owners.So an eas

  • Introduction of teak and synthetic teak boat decking

    Wood characteristics: the material varies according to the growth environment, heartwood sapwood obvious differences, sapwood width of 3cm, yellowish brown reddish, light brown or brownish heart slightly yellowish green, yellowish brown stripes along the longitudinal, slightly leathery smell The tas

  • How to choose boat decking for your yacht

    On luxurious yachts, people often marvel at the gorgeous golden yacht wooden decking and wonder what magical wood the wooden decking of this beautiful and unique yacht is made of. Because the wooden decks of yachts made from this type of wood must endure year-long exposure, the scouring of salty sea